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Animal Puzzel
Wooden Animal Puzzle

Kiwi with Chick 
L 72mm, H 48mm
New Zealand made
NZ$ 6.99
Movable parts 
Chopper blade turns 
Length 300mm, Height 190mm, Width 84mm
New Zealand made
NZ$ 32.00
Activity Cube
Activity Cube large  
This great activity cube has several activities, and will fascinate young children, at the same time teaching them to recognise shapes, Maze, Cog Turner, Zig Zag, Turn over Shapes, Bead Threader comes off for ease of storage  
Approx. Size 295mm x 295mm x 580mm 
NZ$ 125.00
Activity Cube small
Activity Cube small  
This multiactivity cube provides four different sides of activity and a bead coaster on top, providing hours of fun and activity for your child. 
Approx. Size 200mm x 200mm x 350mm 
NZ$ 78.50