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Dolls Cot
Dolls Drop Sided Cot
Height 550mm, Length 550mm, Wide 310mm 
Includes mattress and pillow 
Colour of mattress and pillow may vary from picture 
New Zealand made
NZ$ 109.00
Rocking Cradle
Dolls Cradle
Height 330mm, Length 400mm, Wide 240mm 
Inside, Length 330mm, Wide 150mm 
Solid, New Zealand made
made in Pine NZ$ 49.99 Made in Rimu NZ$ 59.99
Children Stove
Stove (Cooker)
Height 690mm, Wide 330mm, Depth 370mm 
Includes removable oven tray, Knobs turn, Solid Cooker
New Zealand made
NZ$ 130.00
Standing red play Cooker
Red Cooker (Stove)
A brightly coloured standing play cooker with oven and 2 hobs.  Complete with a pan, wooden spatula and a clock with movable hands. Ovendoor opens, Knobs turn
Wide 300mm, Height 640mm, Deep 300mm
NZ$ 99.99