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Fireengine / Costruction Roller
Fire Engine / Construction Roller
Fire Enging: Length 100mm, Height 80mm, Wide 160mm, Ladder turns and can move up or down, Lovely Fireman 
Construction Roller: Length 100mm, Height 80mm, Wide 160mm, Roller turns, Contains happy Construction Worker
NZ$ 15.99 / each
Flip Board
Flip Board 
Hand / Eye co-ordination 
Catch with both hands, then one hand, then other hand, Try flipping the ball into a bucket (flipping hard !!!!), Try a harder Tennis ball, Talk about pivots, Great for BBQ or Parties, Comes with a ball. New Zealand made
NZ$ 17.99
Traditional throwing toy 
Family fun, Suits Boys & Girls, 6 rings included 
Great for kids parties 
Stand height 260mm, Ring diameter outside 160mm
New Zealand made
NZ$ 26.99
Nice Bear Skipping Robe
Bear Skipping Rope

Skipping is an activity which can cultivate childrens hand-eye coordination and help them learn rhythm and balance. Skipping can also be used to learn counting and the alphabet among many other things.
Robe lenght 1.6m
NZ$ 6.50