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Fixed Deck Truck 
Length 390mm, Height 200mm, Wide 170mm 
Solid construction 
Steel axles
NZ$ 107.00
Truck & Trailer
Truck and Trailer 
Strong and sturdy, Trailer can be detached 
Truck: Length 360mm, Height 160mm, Width 176mm 
Trailer: Length 330mm, Height 60mm, Width 165mm
NZ$ 80.00
Crane Towtruck
Tow Truck (Crane) 
Heavy duty crane 
Length 470mm, Height 240mm, Width 180mm 
Wind up broken down car
NZ$ 74.00
Car Transporter
Car Transporter Truck 
Double decker car transporter, Top deck can move up and down to drive off car, Includes 3 cars, Cab unhooks from trailer, Size: 275mm x 70mm x 140mm
NZ$ 35.50